Emery floor cracks causes and Remedies


Carborundum floor cracks are mainly for the following reasons:

1 construction, concrete setting time did not have a good result. The moisture content of the concrete is too low under the condition with emery after completion of construction, will produce crack.

2 after the completion of the construction is not within the specified time on the ground or water curing agent construction, maintenance.

3 cutting contraction joints is late, resulting in a lot of crack expansion and contraction. Complete emery ground construction in general a day after two days of joint cutting, if too late, the surface hardness gradually up, then cut the ground, will be easy to burst, with a crack.

The remedial method of crack after effect:

Is again the concrete seal curing agent processing method are the following.

1, cf-2000, composite waterproof agent to repair cracks, and emery wear-resisting flooring paint surface recovery.

Emery wear-resisting materials to repair 2, directly using the same color, water repair agent (according to the proportion of water mixing concrete construction) wear-resistant material is also very simple, water grinding as curing agent and polishing.