On the emery wear-resisting flooring


On the emery wear-resisting flooring:

Emery wear-resisting flooring is formed by a certain particle diameter selection of graded aggregate, high-strength cement, special additives, pigments and polymers, the dry strewing method and evenly spreading in the early stage of condensate on the surface of the concrete, with the construction of professional construction tools can in the concrete foundation formation of a layer of very dense, high strength, wear-resistant surface layer, the utility model has the advantages of is and concrete foundation combined with good performance, surface density, high wear resistance, impact resistance.

Construction method:

1, and immediately spread type floor materials required amount of disposable, evenly spread on the concrete. Manual construction!

2, to be surface precipitation of water evaporation, dry sprinkle type flooring materials (guaranteed amount per square meter 5kg) twice (the first time: three fifths of the prescribed dosage, namely 3 kg; second the prescribed dosage of 2 / 5, namely 2 kg) uniformly sow to leveling concrete on.

3, the powder should be careful construction, to avoid concrete surface into potholes. The total amount of construction for the recommended dosage is appropriate. If you do not pay attention to or throw floor materials except 2m from sowing, consistency will eventually reduce the surface layer.

4, compaction

5, first broadcast material put into the floor, immediately into second portions of secondary floor materials. The material surface hardening concrete slab was faster than usual. Be careful to cast the adjacent edge trimming angle. Can be used for manual or electric spatula accept light. Close the gap and leveling the surface.

6, maintenance: light received after immediately with curing agent closed and maintenance on the ground, dry dusting material construction should not be in the air too much place. Because of the difference of surface concrete natural, dry shake hardeners give a finish to concrete will have local color. Through chemical aging, slip resistance can be enhanced.


1, in a closed room, or the mine shaft construction, must ensure adequate ventilation. Away from the fire, including welding. To avoid rare allergic reactions, we recommend the use of butyl rubber or nitrile rubber gloves;

2, change soiled work clothes, and wash hands after the completion of construction construction interval.

Health and safety advice 3, must comply with local rules and labels shown.

4, according to the provisions of the local treatment of residual material. Fully cured materials by the local authorities responsible for consent, may be regarded as garbage disposal. With the health and safety information and preventive measures, such as physics, ecology and toxicology data, refer to the safety instruction.