Emery floor crack treatment scheme


Analysis of the causes of cracks

Floor construction in winter, the temperature is below zero, years later, a sudden increase in room temperature, the air humidity increases, so the carborundum floor produce shrinkage and crack volume expansion caused deformation.

Two, construction preparation

1, 901 glue, powdered emery, cement

2, the use of tools: marble machine, blade, pump, float and scraper

Three, construction steps

The increase in the original position, slot depth and width, depth and width of 1.5cm to 8cm. In order to ensure the independence of each bin expansion, expansion coefficient decreases.

II, to have been produced by irregular minor cracks in pump of internal dust to clean up, and then doped 901 glue and powdered emery mixing, stirring evenly, consistency appropriate, on the surface of the small cracks at the seal, scraper strickle, dry with sandpaper.

Third, after repairing, because at this stage in the early spring, the temperature is not very high, so in the summer high temperature, the crack at high temperature will split the maximum value. We need some observation time, such as cracks increases, will once again take repair.

, due to forming a carborundum floor, after the repair surface effect is difficult to achieve the desired, proposed to increase the coverage of coating, such as epoxy floor paint, so that achieve the desired effect, but also to meet use function.

1, before the construction of the floor should be cleaned, to protect the completed walls, pillars and wall surface, to prevent construction damage.

2, the surface layer is not dry, prohibit sweeping, prevent dust pollution of the ground.

3, complete the construction of the floor should be properly protected.