The key point to pay attention to the construction process on the emery wear-resisting flooring


Requirements are very strict emery wearresisting flooring construction process we must, in accordance with the rules and regulations to implement, so pay attention to what the problem?

First, to prevent wear resistant floor cracks are mainly two aspects of control: one is spreading the wear resistant materials of control good concrete surface drying degree, such as the concrete surface water, shall be clean and spreading, or water on the site prone to shrinkage cracks; second, and when the cutting joints, and 2 days after concrete pouring, namely wearresisting flooring completed 12 days after cutting, later will have no effect.

Second floor construction of the smooth degree is mainly rely on the smoothness of the cement concrete base to control, wearresistant material is only the surface of a thin a dense layer, so the control concrete initial setting surface roughness is the key process. The smoothness of cement concrete pouring recommended strict control, can be used after a previous two Darby leveling. In addition, in two adjacent concrete construction joints, due to its proximity to the construction template seam, floor light collection molding trowel is not easy to be polished to, so in the construction joints is easy to cause the difference. Therefore, in the template removal should be carried out after the construction joint cleanup work. The method is by means of cutting machine along the construction joint line cut off mm wide, deep about 50 mm of concrete and secondary pouring concrete before tick chisel off, in order to ensure that secondary pouring concrete and pouring the concrete ground straight Cha, pay attention to the bomb line, cutting should be straight.

Finally, make sure wear resistant materials and the concrete base of good adhesion and floor of the same color, is mainly the spreading time of the wearresistant materials and per square meter of spreading amount control, spreading should be selected in the concrete initial setting stage, per square meter of spreading amount should be in order to spread evenly through the two spreading, spreading amount in 6-8kg / m2.