Emery wear surface hardening treatment


A, principle

Emery wearresisting ground hardening is through sealed concrete curing agent material penetrates the concrete strengthening whole ground, make the various ingredients of concrete cured into a firm entity, improve the strength of concrete, enhance the compression strength of ground, concrete block the pores to prevent intrusion of the outside material, prolong the service life of the floor. Emery wear-resisting ground hardening construction without need curing waxing and polishing after ground with charming gloss, no late maintenance costs.

Two, characteristics

1 emery wearresisting hardened construction ground, the workshop can work normally, the enterprises need not stop production, small investment, can save a lot of cost;

2 emery wearresisting hardened ground after construction to improve the service life of concrete floor, 9 grade abrasive hardness, no dust, no sand;

Emery wearresisting floor surface 3 polished bright as marble, daily cleaning is convenient, no late maintenance cost.

Three, good

Sealing material curing agent 1, good permeability using emery wear surface hardening, the hardness can give floor to form 9 level, super wear resistance;

2, because he is on a concrete floor directly after hardening construction, thus the construction of the ground color uniform and does not fade;

3, the emery wear-resisting hardened ground after construction dust, moisture-proof, waterproof, non slip, no delamination;

4, in the construction process of diamond wear surface hardening, no pollution, environmental protection, short construction period;

5, the emery wearresisting hardened ground surface has a protective layer and barrier oxides in the air into the concrete floor, long service life, no maintenance, maintenance;

Four, the scope of application

1 has the emery wear-resisting ground ash, foundry;

2 broken, emery wear-resisting ground oil resistant;

3 need to dust, mildew, anti permeability, no new emery wear-resisting ground sand dust.