Factors affecting the quality of the emery wear-resisting flooring


1. Emery wearresisting flooring carborundum floor a important factor is aggregate content, is the content of carborundum, why on the market has a lot of the low prices of emery resistant abrasive is because the aggregate content is too low, resulting in lower cost, the price is much lower, but the aggregate is the main factor affecting the degree of wear, must control in about 60%.

2, above a spoke of the emery wearresisting flooring ground with corundum aggregate emery, in addition to the aggregate content will influence the final effect and is also very important is emery is artificial or natural, this is ignored by the majority of customers but is indeed very important, if it is man-made emery price will many of the same quality and cheap also will be a lot worse, must choose natural emery.

3, people in the choice of emery wearresisting material time, manufacturers will need to ask what color, color different price is different but strength quality is the same, this watch personal aesthetic taste the, if you want to choose a beautiful and high quality that you choose color emery wearresisting material, if you only care about the quality of recommend you cement color wearresisting material selection.