Seven industrial uses natural corundum

Use: sandblasting

Natural corundum abrasive hardness, than the major, good toughness, no free silica, is the ideal "environmental protection" type sandblasting materials. Especially in metals such as stainless steel sand blasting descaling and RZG products of our company can easily reach the SA3 level and does not block sand.

Two: emery wear-resisting flooring aggregate

Because of the advantage of natural diamond hardness, chemical stability, strong wear resistance, is the highway pavement, runway, docks, parking lot, common raw materials of industrial flooring, sports ground emery. Also can be used in the field of automobile brake parts, special tires, special construction products etc..

Three: use sandpaper gauze material

Because of its high hardness, sharp corners, can also be used as abrasive paper, gauze production factory production of raw materials.

Four: high density of heavy medium filter

RZG natural corundum density can reach 3.9, the hardness reaches 8, the porosity is 50%, the underlying medium filter bed as in the sewage filter, plays a role in water quality control. And it is in the backwash due to more than major, not with the overflow of water and the mixed layer filter.

Five: the use of polishing materials

Garnet powder is a powdered material, in the precision instruments and picture tube, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, glasses, watches and clocks, glass, crystal glass, jade and other fields it is mainly as a kind of advanced grinding materials and widely used. In addition, it can also be used in the restoration of ancient buildings, Rizhao garnet garnet powder supply various specifications.

Six: the use of abrasive water jet cutting

This is the field of application of domestic natural corundum is the main. It will be added to the water jet, the jet into Gaza water jet, the thickness, material and cutting surface smooth degree has greatly improved during the cutting, such as Gaza waterjet cutting plate thickness up to 50 mm above. For this purpose it is also called the water sand or water sand, sand water jet cutting.

Seven: use of abrasive filler

Natural emery with proper color, hardness and toughness, suitable particle section type and edge mouth of can be used as a filler to replace 20% - 30% corundum used resin abrasive, the effect is ideal.